About Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is based on the principle of prolonged exposure to the microclimate found in the natural salt mines or salt caves. The Salt Spa of Walnut Creek is one of the only few in the United States and is the first salt therapy in the East Bay providing the benefits and healing effects of salt therapy. The Salt Spa WC features 3 separate salt rooms: 2 relaxing salt rooms for adults and a separate salt room designed to keep children entertained in a playground setting.

Salt therapy is also known as "halotherapy" and is suited for adults and kids from 6 months of age and up. Salt is a negative ion therefore it has a natural calming effect and great way for people who are looking to de-stressed or who are chronically fatigue. Salt Therapy is the process of breathing dry, micronized salt particles in the form of salt air. These micronized salt particles can travel to the smallest and deepest areas of the lung region where it destroys the bacteria. Salt Therapy helps to support the body's immune system in the thinning and excretion of mucus, and by reducing inflammation in the airways. Allergens and pollutants can more easily be eliminated from the body as the mucus thins and as constriction is reduced in the bronchi and bronchioles.

Salt Therapy can also benefit skin health. The respiratory system is a pathway to remove toxins from the body. When this pathway is overwhelmed, the skin becomes a secondary, or overflow pathway for toxin removal.  Toxins can then manifest as inflammatory skin conditions including rashes or acne. Salt Therapy is another way we can support the look and health of our skin.

Salt Therapy is a safe, effective complementary tool that can be used in addition to a physician's recommendations for skin and respiratory care. It provides a natural way to cleanse and maintain skin and respiratory system from the inside out.